Call for Chapters

Book Title: Applications of Big Data Analytics: Trends, Issues, and Challenges

Publisher: Springer

Expected Publishing Date: February 2018.


1. Mohammed M. Alani.

  • Department of Information Technology, Khawarizmi International College
  • email: .img@.img

2. Hissam Tawfik.

  • Creative Technologies & Engineering, Leeds Beckett University
  • email: .img@.img

3. Mohammed Saeed

  • Department of Information Technology, Khawarizmi International College
  • email: .img@.img

4. Obinna B. Anya

  • Research Staff Member, Cloud Management Services, Almaden Research Center, IBM
  • email: .img@.img

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission Deadline: 1-April-2017 extended 31-May-2017
  • Author Notification: 30-April-2017 21-June-2017
  • Chapter Submission Deadline: 31-August-2017
  • Chapter Review Deadline: 30-Spetember-2017
  • Final Version Deadline: 10-October-2017

Introduction to the Book:

The book is aimed at providing the current trends, applications, and challenges in different areas of big data analytics. In addition, the book will provide a deep look into the future uses of big data analytics in different applications in areas like health, marketing and advertisement, management, education, agriculture, in addition to many other fields.
The book will discuss big data collection, searching, knowledge discovery and data science. In addition, the book will discuss pactical considerations and challenges such as security, privacy, energy-effeciency and processing requirements.

Main Areas of the Book:

The main areas of the book include (but are not limited to):


  • Health (e-Health, m-Health, Tele-Health, Health Registries, Health Insurance Data, Health Care Coding)
  • Business (Management, Marketing, Stock Exchange, Knowledge Management, Governance, Decision Support Systems)
  • Smart Cities (Internet-of-Things, Sustainable Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Grid, Smart Learning)
  • National Security
  • Social Media
  • Agriculture
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Smart Cars and Autonomous Vehicle navigation
  • Robotics
  • Big data-driven cognitive services
  • International use cases of big data analytics.


  • Data Mining
  • Real-time big data analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • High Performance Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • High-speed storage networks
  • Machine Learning
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Big Data Inspired Intelligence: Models and Applications
  • Deep Learning
  • Big data usability

Issues and Challenges:

  • Security of Big Data
  • Security vs Performance
  • Storage of Big Data
  • Search Algorithms
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Big Data and Privacy
  • High Performance Computing Requirements for Big Data
  • Integrated engineering approaches to Big Data
  • Usability of Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Ethics and Governance
  • Human-factors in big data collection and interpretation


For Abstract submission, please use the form on this link. Your Abstract should be limited between 500-1000 words. Authors of accepted abstracts will be asked to submit their complete chapters according to the timeline set above.